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Blind Cleaning Milton Keynes for Residential and Commercial Clients

Why buy new ones when you can save money and have them cleaned?

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Milton Keynes 1

Using the latest Ultrasonic Cleaner blinds cleaning in Milton Keynes is now on offer. The process is also environmentally friendly .

Over a period of time dust, grime, bacteria, smoke and pollutants such as pollen can become ingrain in the blinds. Our blinds cleaning service is available for:-

  • Residential in Milton Keynes
  • Commercial, Office Buildings- Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Hotels, Refurbishment Companies and Restaurants.

Cleaning blinds by hand is very time consuming. We can can clean all parts whilst at the same time reviving the head rail, slats, cords, ladders and tapes.

Using Ultrasonics Cleaning -The Latest Technology to Revive Your Blinds

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 2

An ultra-high frequency sound is transmitted through heated water containing special detergents.

NB We are unable to clean Roman, Fabric Rollers that have been stiffened by spray or Honeycombe blinds.

Dirty Venetian Before Dirty Venetian After

If you are based in and around the Milton Keynes Area,choose your level of blind cleaning service

  • Drop off Blinds Cleaning Service -Bring to us during work hours and we will clean them and you can pick them up when they are ready. We will inspect before we start work on them. You will be advised of the condition and given a more accurate quote.
  • Collection Service –We collect,inspect, clean and return.
  • Full Service Blinds Cleaning – We remove,inspect, clean and re-hang them.
  • The width of each headrail
  • The drop
  • The various blinds you would like cleaned and the number. We will then sort out a quotation for you.
  • The colour
  • Are they kept in a smoke free room?
  • Are they mouldy?
  • How long it is since they have been installed
  • The last time they were last cleaned if at all

We provide free quotations/estimate with no obligation.

For commercial, we will need to visit to confirm your cleaning requirements.

Blinds Repairs

We offer a minor repair service, such as re-stringing and replacement,spare parts, weights,chains and end of tenancy inspection. If you need a major repair, we would recommend buying a new blind.

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