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How to Choose a Blind


There is an array of various types of blinds to choose from on the blinds market. Some of the things to bear in mind when selecting a blind include need to keep the sunís ray at bay, or a blind suitable for damp conditions. If you are buying blinds for a commercial office then a fire resistant blind is a must.


  • Blinds can be used to dress a window if space is limited.
  • They can be fixed inside the recess of a window or outside the recess.
  • They are often more economical than curtains as they do not need as much material to make.
  • They can be used with curtains to give a layered look and soften the hard lines of just blinds alone.
  • Ask Ė Do I need a blackout blind to keep the sunlight out of a bedroom? .
  • Does the blind need to be moisture resistant?
  • Do I need a fire resistant blind for a commercial office or building?
  • Do I need a solar reflective fabric maybe for a conservatory?
  • If I have roof window can I use a pleated blind as an alternative to a Velux Roof Blind with a Velux code?


Types of Blinds


  • Vertical Blinds. – Made from Fabrics, PVC or Wood Effect. They are stiffened to keep their shape. Slats can be rotated to control the amount of light that come into a room.
  • Roller Blinds - Lay flat against the window and roll up to let a maximum amount of light into the room.
  • Venetian Blinds -Made from Aluminium slats that go across the window. Some blinds are made o look like other materials e. g wood effect
  • Wood Blinds - Made from Wood.
  • Roman Blinds They is made to fit flat across the width of the window and pull up into folds.They often cost more than roller or vertical blinds. If you wish to have a more extravagant treatment then Luxury Roman Blinds are the blind of choice.
  • Roll Up- Is a combination between a Roller Blind and a Roman Blind.
  • Skylight Roof Blinds - Used for roof skylight windows.
  • Pleated Blinds - Made from fabric that is pleated up.


If you need to cover is very wide, it may help to divide your window up into sections instead of just having one large blind.


Choose a blind that will meet your practical situation and your personal choice, personality and colour scheme.



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