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New Larger Bloc 80 Eco Thermal Blind For Complete Darkness Made by Bloc Blinds

 Bloc 80 blind with white frame

This new blinds system has been introduced for larger windows that are a regular rectangular shape. They work in a similar way to the Eco Thermal Bloc 40 Cassette Roller Blinds but have some differences. Both cassette blinds have side rails and are designed to bloc out light as well as keeping the the warmth in. They can be made with a maximum width of 2400 mm and a maximum drop of 2400 mm. A minimum of 100 mm clear of any handles or obstructions is required if fitted in the recess. The side rails are 50 mm wide 17 mm deep. If surface mounted, an additional 140 mm is added to the top of the window opening and 100 mm on the width to allow for clearance so that the blind can operate correctly.

The blinds can be fitted in the recess or surface mounted. The blinds with side frames, must be fitted squarely and if the window recess is not square, it may be possible to square off the reveal, or recess by packing out with wood.

The cassette roller blinds blinds are pulled up and lowered using a metal cord as they are too heavy to be operated on a spring system.

They have a rubber seals that sit on the window sill and side rails that prevent the light coming through the room causing a halo effect that often occurs on a regular blackout blind. Please see PDF’s of fitting the blind and specification sheet.

If you wish to take things further, please send a photo or two along with measurements of any window you wish to dress using this blind.

NB All measurements, must be taken where you wish to fit the blind.

Measuring and Bloc 80 Specification Sheet click on the link below:

Email Merit Blinds If you require any assistance with your measurements and photos and we will give you a quote if we are able to make the blind/s.
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