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Pleated Blinds Information

These blinds are made up of a length of permanently pleated fabric attached to various head and bottom rails and operating in a concertina fashion to raise or lower the blind. Blinds can be free hanging, pre-tensioned, rectangular, or shaped roofed. Free hanging blinds are operated using a cord and cord lock. Pre tensioned blinds are manufactured to a constantly tensioned method to allow the fabric to be adjusted along its length of travel without the need for hanging cords. Alternatively, if you need a blind for a shaped roof these blinds are perfect.

They are made of light weight fabrics and can be made to fit awkward shapes. They are an ideal solution for conservatories or skylight roofs. They come in a variety of pleat depths the most popular being 20mm and 25mm. Many pleated fabrics have additional coatings to improve their solar and optical performance. The Solar Reflective coatings are often used to provide protection from the sunlight. Metallic coatings are also available. Some systems offer a pleat securing method that ensures that pleat retention is always maintained.

Selection of fabrics

In addition to Solar Reflective properties, there are a variety of fabrics which can made with blackout, dim out, fire retardant, semi opaque, opaque or translucent. There are a variety of plain, patterned, or a number of colours to compliment your colour scheme.

Types of Pleated Blinds

Free hanging

Cords pass through a cord lock for operational control. They have a weighted bottom rail to make the blind hang better and colour coordinated head and bottom rail.

Day & Night

These offer control of the amount of light that enters a room depending on whether itís night or day. They are made up of two different fabrics on the same blind a daytime fabric and a night time fabric.


These are pre-tensioned are and can be fitted in a roof light or sloping window. They can be fitted with frame or used with side channels. They are operated with cord, wand, hand draw or electric motor.


Unusual shapes can be covered using pleated blinds e.g. circular, rectangular and semi-circular.

Pleated Blinds
Pleated Blinds
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