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Protect Your Home or Work with Fire Retardant Blinds

Commercial premises need a window treatment that is fire resistant. If you have an office within your home or workplace, these blinds are still worthy of consideration.

There is a large array of Fire Retardant/Fire Resistant Blinds with these properties.

Our Aluminum Venetians Blinds are flame retardant.

Our Fire Retardant Blinds have FR to denote their flammability properties. These include our Midnight, Polyscreen,Badger, Moire, Carnival, Lunar,Pallete, Atlantex, Banlight and Timara ranges.

Blinds that are both flame retardant as well as being a dimout (not completely a blackout) include Polyscreen and Atlantex fabrics. For a blackout as well as fire retardant take a look at the Badger, Neon, Lunar and Banlight ranges.

Our blinds are suitable for Offices Hospitals/Clinics Schools Colleges Local Authorities Restaurants Pubs Shops Public Buildings

Click on the link to see the details and certificates for the following fire resistant fabrics-

Circus FR & SRC Fabric


Lunar Fr Fabric

Midnight, Moire & Badger Fr Fabrics

Neon Fr Fabric

Polyscreen Fr Fabric

Silkscreen Fr Fabric

Spectrum Fr Fabric

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