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Skylight blinds that are suitable for Velux windows are sold online. These blinds are not Fakro, Roto, Velux or Rooflite branded blinds but fit their windows. They are a premium product and not to be confused with those sold on auction sites. These loft blinds fit popular loft windows. They are all blackout skylight blinds. They allow you to control the amount of light in the room. In addition, they are energy saving blinds. The loft blinds are made from a premium quality thermal material. We offer a choice of silver (standard) with cream or white aluminium frames with an extra charge.

To download a printable PDF document file containing instructions how to measure for these Blinds, please click the following link:"

Orders can be placed using the Velux, Fakro, Roto, or Rooflite window reference numbers or codes. Wand poles also available for hard to reach areas.

Night Skylight Blind with silver frame Main Photo

Let us bring our samples to you, if you live in Milton Keynes.

We have additional Velux and Velux Type Window windows if these samples are not suitable. The Velux type blinds are an alternative blind that fit Velux windows only. Additional Velux Blinds.

To learn how to fit these blinds watch the video below-

Custom Blinds Quotation for Loft Windows Blinds without any codes.

Contact Us If you require any assistance.

Skylite Blind Options

How to measure your window How to fit
Step 1 - Select your roof light window manufacturer:
Step 2 - Select your exact window type:

Letter prefix:

Numeric prefix:

Step 3 - Select Fabric:
0008 White
0009 Black
0112 Fuschia
0113 Pink
0117 Bright Red
0118 Cherry Red
0119 Plum
0320 Light Green
0321 Lime Green
0322 Emerald Green
0421 Light Yellow
0422 Honey Yellow
0424 Orange
0511 Light Grey
0519 Dark Grey
0648 Sand
0649 Light Cream
0650 Dark Cream
0651 Dark Sand
0224 Navy
0652 Taupe
0068 Metz White (PVC)
0069 Metz Cream (PVC)
0070 Metz Black
0707 Lilac
Dotty Baby Blue
Night Sky
0654 Oak
0655 Rich Chestnut
Step 4 - Select Frame Colour:
Step 5 - Select Wand Pole:
Save 0%:
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